How To Register

How to Register for Principal Parts

  • Firstly, I only cast principals here in Hawaii.   The show also has a Casting Director in LA.  Every episode there are a range of roles to cast.  The larger "Guest Star" roles are cast out the LA office.  All other roles, or "Co-Star" roles, are cast here in Hawaii. Submitting to me will only make you eligible for roles where you are booked as a "Local Hire" here in Hawaii.
  • Training and Experience are greatly appreciated when thinking of submitting for prinicipal parts.  If you have been an extra a few times and would like to audition for a Speaking Role, then we advise you look into local theatre and some classes with either a private coach or at any of the colleges in Honolulu.  Get some Training and Experience before you aim for a Speaking Role on network television!
  • If you have Training and Experience and feel like you are at the level of the other trained actors that appear on the show, then please email your headshot, resume and demo reel to:

How to Register for Extra Work


At this time we are only asking that people who are over 18 use this site to register.  Check our FACEBOOK page at OHANA CASTING for updates on when we need minors! First select the gender specific tab below.  Once you are on the registration page please enter all the required information. Lastly you will need to attach a photo to your profile.  

  • Do not upload any photos with caps/hats or sunglasses or extreme close-ups/selfies.
  • Please include the month/year photo was taken.
  • Please style yourself in a manner in which you think you will get the most work!  You should not be wearing hats or sunglasses. 
  • Ideally these photos are taken for us, but do not need to be professional! A quick “photo shoot” by a friend will do! Daylight is best.
  • Remember this is how we will view you for future jobs, so spend some time to make these photos good!
  • Ideally one photo is a "close up" (chest to top of head) and the other is a "full body".
  • If you are fit, and will do swimwear scenes, please provide an additional photo in swimwear.
  • If you are having problems uploading your photos please check their size and format.
  • If military, tactical training, medical training, please specify on registration form (i.e. HPD, HFD, military branch/specialties, etc).
  • Vehicle - Required to specify Car Color.

Once you have registered, an email will be automatically generated and sent to the casting office letting us know you have registered!

Lastly you may be asked to come into the office to meet us in person, or we will simple contact you for work! Make sure to return messages from us asap, and check your email often as we do contact you by phone and email.