Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register with you to be an extra?
  • Ans:Visit our How to Register page for details.
  • How old do I have to be to register?
  • Ans:We ask that to people who register online be over 18. We hire candidates of all ages, but please keep in mind that people under the age of 18 have restrictions in regards to the number of hours they can work on set under the Child Labor Laws. In addition children change so much from yr to yr that we ask that anyone interested in submitting children for extra work please "like" our Ohana Casting Facebook page. We will post any casting notices there for kids!
  • Do I need to have any prior experience as an extra?
  • Ans:No, however if you are new to the industry please take some time to become familiar with the "Set Etiquette" section of this site. In addition you may want to read through the rest of these "FAQ" to learn more about the industry as a whole!
  • I saw that you are working on "Hawaii 5-0". Have you, and do you work on other productions as well?
  • Ans:I have been Casting here in Hawaii since 2003. I have worked on a variety of Films and Television Shows, and numerous commercials... some of which can be seen on my home page. To keep up to date on casting opportunities please like our FACEBOOK page at OHANA CASTING.
  • Once I have registered, how long till I am called for work?
  • Ans:This can vary from a day to weeks, it really depends on your profile and the job i'm currently working on. Once you complete the registration process, an email is generated and sent to us letting us know of a new submission. Please know that is is our goal to find work for everyone who registers, but we can never guarantee work.
  • How often can I expect to be called for work?
  • Ans:This depends on any Union Affiliation, your profile, and the job i'm currently working on.
  • Will I be employed by “OHANA CASTING”?
  • Ans:No. I am simply a liaison with a production company and you and I are both employed by them. More specifically the you are employed by the payroll company they use.
  • What is the difference between union and non-union pay?
  • Ans:This is the most common of all questions and the answer is lengthy! There is an Acting Union called SAG- AFTRA. One of the main rules in being a SAG-AFTRA member, is that members cannot work on NON-UNION productions. Therefore most Productions choose to be affiliated with one of these UNIONS. This ensures that they have access to the "best" actors and extras. Once a production becomes a SAG-AFTRA Signatory (affiliation) there are Union rules the production must then follow regarding the hiring of Actors and Extras. The one that leads to the answer of this question is that on any given day of shooting the first 21 Extras on the call (50 for feature films) must be paid at UNION set wages. Everyone else hired out side of that initial 21 people are paid a NON-UNION rate that is determined between Production and Casting. Of course it is expected that these 21 individuals are all actually UNION members in good standing, meaning they have been invited to join, paid a membership to join, and pay quarterly dues. However, for many reasons we cannot always fill those 21 "spots" with actual UNION members, so a NON-UNION person may then be paid a UNION set wage just for that day. SAG-AFTRA has rules on how often a person can get these "freebies" if you will, and these "freebies" can only happen a few times in a persons lifetime! After the set # of "freebies" are used up, this person must either join the UNION or only accept NON-UNION work, meaning that they cannot fill one of the first 21 spots. For more information on either of these 2 UNIONS you can go to
  • Will I need internet access to get job info and opportunities?
  • Ans:Yes. We deal with the hiring of hundreds of people a week. We not only depend on this website to give out information but we often use email to contact people for work. Additionally, once you are hired for a day of work, the details are extensive! We have to be able to email you maps, wardrobe information, and other important information so that you have a successful and fun day of filming!
  • Will my social security number be needed at any time?
  • Ans:Yes. If you read the answer to "What is the difference between Union and Non-Union work" you will see that the Acting Unions Productions are often affiliated with need to keep track of people who work under their "jurisdiction". The way they do that is with Social Security numbers. On our registration page we ask for your Social Security number for that reason. While i have gone to great lengths to make this site secure some people may still not want to give that information online. We understand and can take it down over the phone if we ever need to pay you a UNION rate. Additionally if you are hired to work, the voucher you will be required to fill out on set will also ask for your Social Security number so that you can be paid.
  • Where is all of my personal and private information being kept?
  • Ans:This is a VERY important issue that I take very seriously. My online database and your profile is only viewable by myself and my staff. My website is hosted by a secure server. In addition, anytime we submit profiles to Directors or Wardrobe your private information is REMOVED. All of our hard copy files are locked in our office every night.
  • I’ve been an extra a few times and want to audition for principal parts, how do i do that?
  • Ans:Training and experience are greatly appreciated when thinking of submitting for principal parts. I advise you first look into local theatre, classes with private coaches, or an Acting class at school to get some training and experience before you aim for a role on network television! If you have “done the work” and feel like your at the level of the other trained actors that appear on screen then refer to the “how to register” tab and follow the directions at the bottom of the page.
  • I'm a trained Actor, how do I or my agent submit my headshot and resume?
  • Ans:Proceed to the "How to Register Page" and follow the Directions at the top for Actor submissions.
  • If you have hired me for Extra Work in the past, do i still need to "register"?
  • Ans:Yes and No! If you worked on Season 1-4 of Hawaii 5-0 then we have a current profile on you and you will be eligible for work on season 5. However, from time to time we call folks to swing by if we havn't seen you in over a year. This is simply because we want to have the most current photos and information on everyone we have on file. NOTE: If you haven't worked since in over a season, re-register with current info and photos. We will need to re-call you in.
  • Why have you decided to form on online database for Extras?
  • Ans:Extras Casting is a fast paced and difficult job! This online database will be something my staff can access from anywhere, so when they get the call for an additional 20 people at 9pm for the next day, they will be able to go online, search my database for the specific looks needed, contact the people end get the job done efficiently while still giving Production the best product available! Not to mention the database will follow me no matter what job i'm currently working on. Essentially it will streamline the entire process so that talent, the casting office, and production can work in harmony!
  • After i register and get the call for work what is the "process" for a booking?
  • Ans:Casting Extras is done off an Extras Breakdown.
    This document is a daily request of Extras that the Director has asked for. It's broken down into ages, ethnicities, looks, and the overall number of people requested. Our office takes this guideline and submits peoples profiles for review by the Director and then the "booking" process begins.
    1. First we do a database search for the matching ages, ethnicities, and looks.
    2. Next we reach out and contact the people who's profile best matches the Directors vision. Sometimes it is simply to ask if you might be available during a particular week. This is NOT a booking, but a check of your availability.
    3. Once we have a shooting schedule then you will be contacted again to confirm your day of work, this is a "BOOKING". This may be a few days before your work date or the day before.
    4. Once we "Book" you and give you a work date we are depending on you to show up! It is essential that if you need to cancel you call us right away, so that we may fill the required spot with another eager Extra!
    5. You will always receive an email from us the day before you work with all the important information you will need, in addition the email asks that you call in to the office so that we can VERBALLY confirm you for the next day. Sadly due to the nature of Television and Film Production we sometimes have to cancel work for certain days. UNION members have rules regulating the cancelation process, Non-Union people can be canceled at any time. This is rare but it does happen for a variety of reasons and we do our best to reach you asap so that you can adjust your schedule.
  • I recently mailed photos to the production office, do I still need to register online?
  • Ans:If you were already called to work then we likely have you properly registered and your profile will remain current until the end of next season. If you mailed in your stuff but have not been contacted then YES, please complete the online registration.
  • I have a question that was not answered here, do you have an email?
  • Ans:Yes. Any questions can be addressed to
  • What is our Privacy Policy?
  • Ans:Click Here for Our Full Privacy Policy
  • Do I need to be available all day if hired?
  • Ans:Yes. Due to the nature of the filming and casting roles, we must have your availability all day to effectively manage our casting with the production and planning crews.